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Finding the Perfect Complementing Chair to Your Selection

Looking to update your office? Look no further! If you’ve already picked out an excutive/manager chair you like, use this table to find the complementing visitor chair (or vice versa)!

If you don’t see your chair here, these are manufacturer-supplied pairings, feel free to browse around through the Executive, Manager, and Visitor chairs to create your own unique mix: after all, who knows what you like better than you!

Exectutive/Manager Chair SKU# Visitor Chair SKU#
2900 2905
29008 2905
2930 2935
29306 2935
2940 2945
29406 2945
3280 3285
3281 3285
3900 3905
39006 3905
8200 8205
8201 8205
8500 8505
8501 8505
DHL3220 DHL3225
EX1200 EX1205
EX1201 EX1205
EX5300 EX5305
EX5301 EX5305
EX6200 EX6205
EX6201 EX6205
EX6840 EX6845
EX6841 EX6845
EX9381 EX9385
EX9382 EX9385
TEX232L TV233L
TEX240L TV241L
WD5330 WD5335
WD5331 WD5335
WD5340 WD5345
WD5341 WD5345
WD5360 WD5365
WD5361 WD5365
WD5670 WD5675
WD5671 WD5675
WD5730 WD5735
WD5731 WD5735
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