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Iron-Clad Guarantee
When you shop with StylishOfficeChairs.com, you’re entitled to our Iron-Clad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  When we say 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we mean it!
Many websites, if you look around, will offer claims of a "100% Satisfaction Guarantee".  Sure it sounds good, then you read the fine print, and find out you have to pay a restocking fee if you return your order! 
We think that’s lip service.  We’re so confident in our guarantee, we’ve dubbed it "iron-clad":
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply send it back and we’ll refund you right away!
Many companies charge a restocking fee to cover their warehousing costs, but we eat that cost because we’re confident our Iron-Clad, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will help you remain a valuable customer.  All the "big players" ask you to trust them: that their service is the best, prices are the lowest, are hacker safe, etc, but then they don’t trust you in return when something breaks.  They’re eager to mark up the price when reselling goods, but fail to mark up the service as well in exchange for that money!  Try shopping with a smaller guy for a change, we have to work harder for your business!
The other guys pass on the manufacturer’s warranty to you, but at StylishOfficeChairs.com, we mark it up to give you a lifetime warranty on any chair you ever purchase**.  Casters, metal parts, pneumatic assemblies, all of it: lifetime warranty.  If anything breaks down 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, even 10 years from now, just give us a call and we’ll ship you a new one: we pay for it if it’s out of warranty!  We stick our neck out because we trust you, the customer, and strongly believe in our Iron-Clad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, all part of what you should expect when you shop at StylishOfficeChairs.com.
Compare our return policy to our competitors! Please be sure to read the fine print on the return policy of our competitors. Do you really want to pay return shipping charges, original shipping charges and a restocking fee just because you didn’t like your chair?
*Please contact us before sending any merchandise back.  Unfortunately, we can not guarantee a successful refund if you forget to do this.
**Excludes normal wear and tear on leather, and excludes certain other circumstances.  Please refer to our FAQ page for full disclaimer and details.

100% satisfaction guarantee

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